$1M+ payments to non-profits

People give more when it’s easy.



Welcome to Giving Group, a non-profit service that collects, combines and distributes charitable donations.

Charitable giving clubs are a powerful way to raise money and build community. But they come with some logistical challenges. Giving Group has solved for these challenges, making it easier for leaders to start and manage groups and easier for members to give.

Using the Giving Group benefits everyone involved:

  • Members: Automated quarterly contributions and one tax form at the end of the year

  • Leaders: Tax-free collection and distribution of funds, automated process

  • Recipients: One lump sum contribution



Giving Group was created when our own charitable giving club needed an easier way to gather donations from members. We wanted to keep what we loved about giving groups (quick, easy, fun) and get rid of the parts we didn’t (tracking, dogging donations, extra paperwork for recipients).

Today, we’re a group of volunteer programmers, developers, financial managers and people connectors who are committed to growing the popularity of charitable giving clubs. We’re located in Seattle, WA but we serve groups all over the country.



Collect: Members register once with Giving Group through your customized group page and benefit from regular, automated debits to their credit card. A 3% fee is added to cover the cost of credit card processing and accounting.

Combine: We consolidate those payments into one account, tax free, until your group meets and identifies a charitable organization to receive the funds.

Distribute: You tell us what charity has been selected and we make one, timely contribution, providing you with an itemized report of all the individual contributions made and tax receipts to your members.